Classical Music on the Web – User Interfaces and Data Representations

We present a set of web-based user interfaces for explorative analysis and visualization of classical orchestral music and a web API that serves as a backend to those applications; we describe use cases that motivated our developments within the PHENICX project, which promotes a vital interaction between Music Information Retrieval research groups and a world-renowned symphony orchestra. Furthermore, we describe two real-world applications that involve the work presented here. Firstly, our web applications are used in the editorial stage of a periodically released subscription-based mobile app by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO) 1 , which serves as a contentdistribution channel for multi-modally enhanced recordings of classical concerts. Secondly, our web API and user interfaces have been successfully used to provide real-time information (such as the score, and explanatory comments from musicologists) to the audience during a live concert of the RCO.


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