Ingeborg Bachmann-Kuppel Karlsplatz

For the second public installation at Karlsplatz Vienna, April 21-May 17 2023, the soundtrack was redesigned. It interweaves texts by Ingeborg Bachmann and the Viennese author Lukas Meschik.

For the soundtrack, a text collage is spoken by 3 different speakers, and the recordings are spectrally analyzed using an algorithm called Constant-Q transform (CQT). The CQT is carried out with a bin width of one semitone and the results of this spectral analysis can be directly mapped to MIDI control signals for a synthesizer. The duration of the text is approximately 25 minutes, and while the chronological order of the text fragments spoken by different speakers is fixed, the selection of the actual speaker is controlled by a random process, which makes each completion of the text a unique experience. This approach was partially inspired by Peter Ablinger's Speaking Piano and spectral composition in general, and it points out the musical qualities of language and speech.


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