Researcher, developer, tinkerer, and media artist / musician living and working in Vienna / Austria.

Senior development consultant @Muse Group, working in the area of intelligent music processing.

Former faculty member and currently lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department for Cross-Disciplinary Strategies. Teaching courses on the basics of informatics, on Software Development, and basics of Artificial Intelligence.

Former researcher in the field of Machine Learning & Music at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

Master's degree in Computer Science from Vienna University of Technology, completed the Course for Electro-Acoustic and Experimental Music at the Vienna University of Performing Arts. Accomplished guitar player with a background in Jazz.

My interests encompass applied Machine Learning & AI, software development with a focus on artistic & musical applications, hacking C++, exploring web technology, developing teaching concepts, composing and playing music, and building cyber-physical interactive experiences.

Download a complete CV here.

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